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Thursday, March 24, 2017

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A week ago, we wrote about the futility of having a federal election, before having a federal government that could put together a road map to doing anything.

One problem with government is that you can’t just implement a road map out of whole cloth. A major reason why we have governments is that not all people have the same views, and for better or worse people have to debate the various ideas and agree to form a collective that will implement the roadmap.

Since the inauguration, that hasn’t happened. This is another major reason why the government has performed so poorly. The country is divided, which is much worse than some random division across the nation. The argument continues about how you get the same results when half of the country decided to vote for someone else.

All they were ever doing was stalling.

There was a time when the Liberal party, for all of its faults, was respected, even liked. Sure, politicians from other parties were flawed, but they were supposed to govern, put together a team, allow the different parties to debate their ideas, and then agree on which ideas to implement. That has never happened in this country.

As usual, the Liberals were playing to a different tune. The Liberals used to be about getting things done. That’s how the Liberals gained power. It’s been a couple of years since they took power, and it’s time to make some serious progress. The first place to start is with the federal election. There will be no federal election this year, and that’s the problem.

The Liberals are ignoring the public’s will

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jQuery and unload()

I’m using unload() to unload a div container if it can’t be found on the page. It works perfectly except the fact that I’m having a small white space at the bottom of the page. It’s caused by a margin-bottom style set on the main content container. Is there any way to fix this?


Leave the margin-bottom on the containing element. Then, when the element is removed, the margin will be applied again, pulling the element back into place.
In addition, you could use jQuery’s.remove() method instead of.unload(), if you don’t need to remove objects that were previously loaded.


Is there a standard/reliable way to measure the size of the difference between lots of similar graphs?

I have several images with different numbers of nodes, and I want to compare the level of visual similarity between these. Is there a standardized, reliable way to do this? I have created an example image, as I don’t have any samples to work with yet.
The ultimate goal is to create a decision tree classifier to automatically generate the image. This is an AI project, so I need to be sure to do this right and reliably, so I would like to know if there are standard techniques for this.


You might want to look at MDS (Multidimensional Scaling). This will allow you


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