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Police say they’re looking for a total of 27 villagers killed since October as a result of armed conflict among members of the indigenous Wayu ethnic group.

Most of the victims were killed in the areas of Olivero and Obando.

The two local governments have banned collective public gatherings and said civilians should not approach those involved in land disputes.

“The problem is the social problem and not the armed groups,” said Carlos Murillo, the regional police commander. “Violence is provoked because people don’t listen to anybody.”

Sitting in the “community tribunal” that mediated the land dispute, a middle-aged woman called Amalia said the dispute began when a farmer and indigenous Wayu began to share an area they had once had in common.

“We worked together in the fields,” she said. “He wanted to get the top fields and I wanted to get the middle.”

“We needed to work together because there is no one else,” she continued. “The problem began when they started to say they were going to cut off the canchona, the middle, on the mountain.”

Critics say the government failed to act quickly on the problems

The fighting escalated after authorities cracked down on last year’s farming action.

More than 30 people died in widespread violence last year when the indigenous Wayu started demanding compensation for their ancestral lands, which the government had unilaterally taken under Colombia’s controversial “indigenous autonomy” program.

Many of the Wayu families in this area are mestizos (people of mixed European and indigenous ancestry), the result of years of indiscriminate sexual mixing and the authorities’ failure to protect the indigenous population.

The mestizo woman Amalia blames the authorities for beginning the violence.

“We want the peace process to continue and we want our youth to join the peace process,” she said. “We don’t want any more violence.”

According to national census

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