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What are the main intents of the Windows Key?

I am playing around with using the Windows Key / Menu and how it changes the behavior of certain icons.
There are two things that come to mind when I use Windows Key:

Open Settings – System option, which I realize is easier than navigating and typing Settings – System –
Open a specific place – e.g. open my Downloads folder.

Both of these ideas make sense. Both can be achieved by using other menu items, but Windows Key in my opinion is more specific and shows more intent on what is being searched.
My question is what is the primary use of Windows Key? Why was it chosen over other options?


This blog has a decent list of the Windows key shortcuts.

The Windows key was added to the keyboard as an alternative to the Start menu button.

What Microsoft did was just add a key to the keyboard as an alternative to the Start menu button. That’s it. And there are no main intents to the Windows key. I’d say it’s just as valid as using the Super key.

Additional Options
Because of that, there are many options under the Windows key. So I would say, it’s a button with many possibilities.
(Disclaimer: I have not used the Windows key much and definitely have not use the menu. I use the main menu to open windows. The Windows key has no purpose for me, but it does have functions that I could see someone using.)


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