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Raymond Homer Dart (April 3, 1877 – July 2, 1929) was a public administrator, politician, and the sixth Governor of Florida from 1911 to 1915. He served as the state’s lieutenant governor from 1907 to 1911. He was the first Vice President of the United States under Woodrow Wilson and served for two months. He was the first to hold the office of Governor of Florida, and the only governor to be elected to a second four-year term.

Early life
Dart was born on April 3, 1877, in Perry County, Alabama, to Calvin E. and Selma (Fischer) Dart. He was a cattle rancher and cotton farmer. He attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute, where he earned a degree in science, after which he became the county agricultural agent for Perry County. He was also involved in the timber business and sold lumber and truck scales. In 1906, he sold his cattle and cotton crops to finance his gubernatorial campaign.

State Senate
In 1903, Dart was elected to the Florida Senate, representing Leon County. During his term as state senator, Dart defended the rights of the state’s blacks and whites to vote, in the face of Republican Party opposition. Later in 1903, he supported a constitutional amendment to ban lynchings in the state. His tenure in the senate was unsuccessful, however, as he was defeated in the next election.

Gubernatorial campaign of 1910
Dart ran for governor in the 1910 election as the nominee of the Democratic Party. He was elected in a special election to replace the departing John W. Martin, who had resigned the position to take a federal judgeship. Dart was elected the first lieutenant governor of Florida.

As governor, Dart was a reformist. The main issue of his administration was the reform of Florida’s swamp land laws. The formation of a commission to reform the swamp lands laws had been a position held by Martin. In 1911, Dart and the Democratic Party implemented a law that would change the identity of eligible voters in Florida. It was the first law in the United States to change the


Category:1954 births
Category:Living people
Category:American mathematiciansname=Elvish Warrior
ability=If you have only one white creature, SN gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
oracle=If you have only one white creature, Elvish Warrior gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Q: batch file on System startup

I have a batch file(.bat) which I have used to install a software, I have placed the.bat file in startup folder, and the script is getting executed whenever my computer turns on, but the package installation is not performed,
I have tried using
Start /wait

I got a pop up message box but the installation is not performed, can someone tell me what is the problem.
Using windows 8.


Make sure that the batch file is set to start with Windows 8.

The 10th World Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP) is being held in Montreal, Canada, and I am honored to be a delegate this year. The WFSBP is the second largest psychiatric organization in the world.

In response to the impact of climate change, I recently published a paper in which I analyzed the effect of current and future temperature changes on the incidence of mental disorders. The paper reported an increase in incidence of mental disorders in the summer months. My paper also suggested that climate change may increase the onset of mental disorders and may worsen their symptoms. How could this happen?

In a recent study, a team of researchers led by University of Michigan research scientist and author, Ron Sasson, explored whether there is an effect between temperature and mental illness. Sasson and his colleagues focused on the utility of a new analytical method based on nonparametric, pattern-oriented data analysis. This method, known as time series analysis, can provide a more detailed picture of when, why, and how temperature-related events are associated with subsequent mental health outcomes. More importantly, it can tell us what to do about it.

The results of Sasson’s

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