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Historical Overview

AutoCAD was introduced in 1982, by Autodesk and released for desktop computers (with internal graphics cards), minicomputers and personal computers with external graphics cards. Later versions were available for mainframe computers, workstations and portable computers. At first, only the AutoCAD drafting application was released. An AutoCAD 2D Plotter package was also available.

Early versions had a fixed file size limit of 25MB (0.25GB). A Raster Image Processor (RIP) for editing, cropping, annotating raster images was introduced in AutoCAD R12 (1991). AutoCAD R14 (1994) introduced the first AutoCAD plotter. AutoCAD V4 (1996) introduced object clipping and AutoCAD V6 (1997) introduced object selection (including edge selection). The latest versions are AutoCAD 2009 and AutoCAD WS.

License of AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2010 runs as a Windows application and as a plugin for AutoCAD WS or AutoCAD LT 2011. License of AutoCAD is proprietary and non-transferable, and the end-user must obtain a license agreement. AutoCAD for the web (AutoCAD WS) runs as a web application and requires a license agreement.

Autodesk provides free AutoCAD technical support for AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD LT 2011, AutoCAD WS and AutoCAD for the web (as of October 2012).


The Autodesk AutoCAD Engineering Products Group was formed in 1984 to develop the AutoCAD product. Autodesk also had in-house engineers who created the original AutoCAD drafting application in 1982. Autodesk first released AutoCAD on the desktop in December 1982 for both desktop and internal graphics card computers. Early AutoCAD workgroups were designed to use a fixed file size limit of 25MB (0.25GB). Since then, the file size limit has increased to 128MB (1GB) and 256MB (2GB). AutoCAD R12 (1991) introduced the first AutoCAD plotter. AutoCAD V4 (1996) introduced object clipping and AutoCAD V6 (1997) introduced

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Visual LISP or Visual LISP (VLISP) is a programming language and a macro-based scripting language that can be used for performing a wide range of tasks in AutoCAD. VLISP can be used to write macros to automate tasks and can be used to run programs written in ObjectARX, VBA, Visual Basic and Visual C++. In addition, it can be used to write programs that can be run directly from the command-line or launched from a graphical user interface. AutoCAD supports a number of built-in functions, these functions include: data manipulation, geometry, object placement, distance and angle measurement, advanced drawing and mathematical algorithms. As well as built-in functions, VLISP offers a set of functionality similar to other scripting languages such as AutoIt, AutoExcell and Powershell.

AutoCAD also supports using C++. C++ is a general-purpose programming language and is similar to the object-oriented languages such as Java, C#, Visual Basic, and C++. Unlike VBA and Visual LISP, AutoCAD’s C++ API supports writing applications for AutoCAD that can be distributed and run outside the Microsoft Windows operating system. AutoCAD also supports exporting C++ applications in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. AutoCAD is capable of running natively as an independent application on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.

Open Application Programming Interface (API) support for AutoCAD (2008-2011)
Autodesk Exchange API for Visual LISP (Visual LISP) is a scripting language and macro-based scripting language that can be used in AutoCAD to automate tasks. Visual LISP can be used to write macros to automate tasks and can be used to run programs written in ObjectARX, Visual Basic and Visual C++. Visual LISP is a macro based programming language, which allows user to create macros that perform specific functions. Automation Language (AL) is a programming language used for programming the drawing commands of the application. Visual LISP is a macro-based programming language, but unlike AL it is not an interpreted programming language.

AutoCAD 2011 supports integration with the Microsoft ObjectARX API for creating scripts using Visual Basic, Visual C++ and AutoLISP.

Interface to external systems
Binding to third-party systems is accomplished with the help of plugins. There are tens of thousands

AutoCAD 21.0 [Win/Mac]

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Drawing Preferences:

Choose a default home folder for drawings and preview locations and filters for layers and drawings in the drawing window. (video: 1:19 min.)

Drawing Conversions:

Find new ways to work with existing drawings. Convert existing drawings to new file formats including PDF and SVG, or use AutoCAD to search for and convert CAD drawings from other applications. (video: 1:24 min.)

Python Support:

With new support for Python, the standard scripting language, programmers can integrate AutoCAD into their workflow more easily. (video: 2:03 min.)

Airspace Selection:

Choose the parts of the drawing you want and fill with colors. Then drag the colors to a new drawing. The fill colors move along with you, and can be used to create custom symbols or pattern fills. (video: 1:35 min.)

User Interface Improvements:

Set default scale and rotation and link the DesignCenter and Ribbon to each other so you always have access to all tools when you need them. (video: 1:33 min.)

If you are interested in taking a look at the product overview for AutoCAD 2023, you can read it here.

The announcements for the new features in the next release can be found here.

As a quick reminder, if you’re a registered user with a valid subscription, you can download AutoCAD 2023 at no additional cost by registering here. If you already own AutoCAD 2023, you can upgrade to 2023 Standard or to AutoCAD 2023 Enterprise by following these steps:

Sign in to your account by clicking the Sign in button at the bottom of the page. Select the “AutoCAD product” tab at the top right of the page. Select “Upgrade” in the “Where to get software” section. Select the plan you want to purchase, and check “Upgrade”. Check “Yes” to accept the terms of the offer. Select “Upgrade” to complete the upgrade process.

To get AutoCAD 2023, the step-by-step instructions can be found here.

You can also read the official release notes here, or visit the discussion forums for more information.

Good luck!

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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements have not been established for this title.
64 MB of free space available on the system’s hard disk.
Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8
Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or higher
Pentium® III (533 MHz) or equivalent or higher
96 MB of RAM
16 MB of VRAM
Graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.0 or higher
CD-ROM Drive

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