Deluxe Dermaplaning SANDPOINT, ID

What is Deluxe Dermaplaning?

Our Deluxe Dermaplaning is a dermaplaning session (see Dermaplaning here) that combines your favorite facial (see Facials here). Prior to starting your facial, your face will be dermaplaned. This allows the medical-grade products in your facial to be better absorbed, resulting in enhanced benefits.

How much does Deluxe Dermaplaning cost?

A Deluxe Dermaplaning treatment is $120 to $150 .

How long will my Deluxe Dermaplaning results last?

You will love your results immediately after your treatment and will notice a decrease in fine facial hair (peach fuzz) and a glowing complexion for approximately one month. A lot of clients choose to repeat this treatment every month to keep a healthy cell turnover and see long-term results such as a decrease in fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and scarring.

How long will my appointment take?

Your treatment will take approximately 50 minutes.

Will Deluxe Dermaplaning hurt?

Nope, not at all. Most clients report it feels very relaxing.

Is there any prep for this treatment?

Deluxe Dermaplaning cannot be done on sunburned skin, or open wounds, rashes, or acne. Please discontinue the use of any retinols 7 days before your treatment. Other than that, all are welcome (even pregnant and nursing mamas)!

Is there any downtime or recovery?

There is no downtime after your Deluxe Dermaplaning treatment. We apply a medical-grade sunscreen at the end of your treatment and recommend you avoid any retinols for 3-4 days after your treatment.

Are there any products I should be using at home?

We recommend using medical-grade skincare products all the time, and our favorites are SkinMedica and Skin Better Science. During your appointment, we can make recommendations based on your skin type and skincare concerns.

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