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If you have ever picked up an eyebrow pencil, chances are you have at least considered semi-permanent makeup to simplify your morning makeup routine. Microblading is a great option to give you beautiful brows every day, without any effort.

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique to give the illusion of fuller, more youthful eyebrows. The pigment is scratched into the skin using a hand tool, in short strokes resembling natural eyebrow hair.

How much does Microblading cost?

Microblading is $350 and includes your 6 week touch up appointment. If you have previously had them done within the last 2 years, the cost is $200.

How long do my results last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique, and results for most will last between 1 and 3 years depending on your skin type (the ink will fade more quickly with oily skin), facial products used, and lifestyle.

How long will my appointment take?

Your microblading appointment will take between 1-1.5 hours. This includes the time it takes to get your skin numb, paperwork and the procedure itself.

Does Microblading hurt?

The eyebrow area is numbed prior to treatment, and most clients experience little to no discomfort. After treatment the area is tender for approximately one hour.

Is there any prep for this treatment?

It is important that you discontinue use of retinols 7 days before and after your Microblading treatment. If you have been on Accutane within the past 2 years, it is advised that you wait. Come with a clean face, no makeup please.

You are not a candidate for microblading if you are pregnant or nursing, have an active autoimmune disorder, blood disease, are currently undergoing chemotherapy, or have an allergy to lidocaine, or epinephrine.

Is there any downtime or recovery with this treatment?

Days 1-3 your eyebrows will be darker and bolder than you anticipated. They will also be tender. Days 4-5 your eyebrows will be dry, flaky and for some, itchy. Days 6-14 your eyebrows will appear lighter in color, as well as patchy. You are welcome to fill them in at this time if needed.

Week 2-6 your eyebrows will slowly become the correct pigment, and the fine hair like strokes will appear. Week 6-8 your touch-up appointment is recommended.

Are there any products I should be using at home?

You will be sent home with an aftercare kit that will include a healing balm to apply to the brows over the next 3 days.

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