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AUTOMATIC EMAIL MANAGER can keep a record of all your sent and received emails and attachments. It scans your email account automatically in a time interval you select on schedule. It finds email messages that can be printed on paper and does it. The program helps you archive messages immediately after printing, it can print attachments. You can print subject, To and From fields for the message headers.
AUTOMATIC EMAIL MANAGER can detect attachments and search within them for links, embedded files, sent files and other file types. It starts the scanning after you select the proper interval. The whole scanning process is based on your schedule.
AUTOMATIC EMAIL MANAGER can save your emails in one or more different formats, you can archive them. Save the received mails to a file, you can save the emails with attachment to a zip archive.
How to download Automatic Email Manager?
Open the software official website and download Automatic Email Manager (you can also download Automatic Email Manager installation utility & Automatic Email Manager (32-bit) setup).
Automatic Email Manager review

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Automatic Email Manager License Keygen

Automatic Email Manager is a user-friendly piece of software that allows you to scan your emails, and print any document associated with it.
The software utilizes SQL Server, to store all the received emails and their attachments.
The distribution of emails and documents can be done over LAN, or the entire email account can be archived in a single folder (where all archived emails can be saved together in a single archive, so that you can find them later).
Automatic Email Manager also gives you the option to back up all your data, and this can be done in two ways:
– Save all received emails in a new folder in an archive, after deleting them from the original folder;
– Save attachments in a separate folder, with the files accessible when you are working offline.
Automatic Email Manager is licensed to create and have unlimited number of users, and the application can be easily integrated to your existing email server.
Automatic Email Manager Main Features:
– Possibility to schedule scanning and printing jobs
– Support for different email systems, e.g. MS Outlook, Zimbra, Thunderbird
– Possibility to archive email folders in a single file
– Scan all sent emails, and print the attachments using a single page of printed paper (default option)
– Save all email attachments to a folder
– Extensive database of emails and attachments
– User-friendly application
– Thoroughly tested and known to work in all windows OS
System Requirements:
– Windows 7 or higher
– SQL Server
– Internet access
Automatic Email Manager Download Link:

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Automatic Email Manager Crack Free Download For PC

All Version – Windows operating system.
Quality Assured.

Current Version: 5.5.

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Automatic Email Manager

How could this software product review be improved?

Send all the Mail unsent to a folder.
Why just not delete it completely if you do not use it.
Ability to cancel operation by abort button or close button.

The program has been downloaded many times since a few years now. And the last update was more than a few years back. Since then there are many other emails handling tools out there, why does the author still waste money and update the product?
The implementation is not very well done. There are many bugs. The layout is not very good.
Download the FREE trial.
Then you will be able to see and experience these defects for yourself.

I decided to review this product since i am looking for a reliable tool for this task. When it comes to task that saves me the time, i do not hesitate to give a full rating. While it was not a pain in reviewing this, it still took me some time to find out that the program is not updated for several years now. The presentation is not very user friendly, the options do not give much space for customization. Overall i would rate this program a poor evaluation for me because:

1. It should have been updated long ago, considering the fact that the current version number is 5.5. In order to get an older version of the software and perform a review, i spent at least 5-10 minutes before i was able to find the older version of the application.

2. The program is outdated. With the current version being around 5.5, i had to set up the software to the last version in which it was updated.

The program does not support any advanced options. It is very basic, there are only 3 options to select, but it works nicely with my configuration. It has been a long process to figure out all the weird things inside this software, but it is working for me.

I am sharing my experiences with the product with others, so they can get a fair review.

User Reviews

YES this is a great solution I have this product for years I am using it and I do not want to stop using it. I also have your program and we are both

What’s New in the Automatic Email Manager?

Automatic Email Manager is an easy to use automatic email printing solution to print your unread email messages right away on a simple click on the mouse. Automatic Email Manager is an automatic email printing solution to print your unread email messages right away on a simple click on the mouse.It can print the message on any device you want, either on a local or network printer.Program features:

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