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As far as I can tell, your string is not UTF-8 encoded.
There is a UTF-8 BOM (Byte-Order-Mark) at the very beginning of your string. You can find it just after the start of your string:

That has (0x6D 0x00 0x00 0x0A) as it’s UTF-8 encoding.
The string doesn’t start with the UTF-8 encoding that would make your string valid UTF-8 encoded.
So, you don’t have to do anything.

Notes on your original code
If your intention was to detect UTF-8 encoded strings, then using the ord() function is not useful, since the ord function detects the encoding of a string. In the case of Python 2.x the ord function does not even exist, or else it would be useful, but that’s not the case for Python 3.x. Python 3’s unicode type is unicode, which means that you can get the unicode code point values of the characters directly, without having to import the encodings module first.
In the case of Python 2.x, though, ord() does work; but it will only return 0 in the case of ascii strings, and for other encodings, it will return a number different than 0.
The easiest way to do it, to detect an UTF-8 encoded string, is to use Python’s string.decode(encoding, errors=’ignore’) method, which will return a unicode string, and then compare it to the string you want to detect.
In other words, you would go from your original code (with character encoding errors) to:
if my_str.decode(‘utf-8’) == my_utf8_str:
print(“UTF-8 encoded string detected”)

If you still want to use ord(), you can use a if-else statement:
if ord(my_str.decode(‘utf-8’)) == 0xFEFF:
# It’s ascii encoded
# It’s not ascii or UTF-8 encoded

You can also use the unicodedata module, which is intended to be used with Unicode strings instead of normal string.
More about decoding utf-8 strings in Python 3.x

How do I restore Google Play Music?
I uninstalled Google Play Music by removing the Google Play Music app itself from my phone, then started to get this error message once I logged back into my Google account on the Play Music app page:
This content is not available in your country yet. Is the content in question available in your country? Please click the following link to use your service:
Couldn’t connect to Google Music.

I deleted all my music off of my phone, reinstalled Google Play Music on my phone. I don’t get the error. Until today, I tried to log into Google Play Music from my phone, it still says this:
This content is not available in your country yet. Is the content in question available in your country? Please click the following link to use your service:

How do I download the Google Apps on my Android phone?
I had Google Apps (like gmail, calendar, etc) on my laptop last year and I don’t remember how I have them. I need to get them for my Android phone. Is there a way to download the apps from my laptop?

How do I call through my phone on a Google Hangouts group call?
I’m in a group on Hangouts where I can see all the members online. I want to call one member, but instead of them having to call me, I want to use my mobile phone to call them. Is that possible?

I’m looking for a way to replace the Sound Touch 5000 universal remote control with a home automation control. I’ve tried this article: [url]

Can you help me find out if this is possible?

How do I create my own keyboard in Android 8.0?
I installed Android 8.0 on my Note 4.
I’m able to adjust the input method to Japanese in settings/input/ languages/ but I can’t find where to create my own keyboard.
I’ve tried “Create…:” and “Interface Language” but it doesn’t let me create my own keyboard.

If I modify the code of the app, I don’t know where to find the source code. For example, apps I’ve customized have a different structure than the icons in the launcher

How to completely remove WhatsApp from Android?
I recently switched to Android from iOS

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