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If web servers use TCP, do TCP/IP stack headers get stripped?

When a browser requests a page on a web server, what actually goes on? I’m looking for an answer to this question in layman’s terms, i.e. what’s going on at a very basic level.
My take on it:

The TCP/IP stack takes the request, turns it into an IP packet and sends it to the IP stack on the “other end” of the connection, right?
The IP stack looks up the destination IP address (that of the web server), checks if there is a “pre-existing” connection open to that web server and completes the TCP/IP handshake.
The TCP/IP stack then creates a new connection (this is the part I’m not sure about)
Web server generates the web page, tells the TCP/IP stack to send the page to the requesting browser (like it does in the case of HTTPS – even though HTTP is a plain-text protocol)
TCP/IP stack sends the page to the browser

Is my “take on it” correct? If so, then my questions are:

Can’t the TCP/IP stack create a new connection? This would mean that its a P2P connection.
After creating the connection, does the TCP/IP stack send packets/data using the two already-established connections (from step 2 and 4) or on the newly created connection?


Yes, TCP/IP stack implements the TCP/IP protocol on top of IP.
Yes, TCP/IP stack is responsible for establishing the connection (it sends an SYN packet) and forwarding the data across the network. The connection established is then maintained by the router which forwards the packets across the network towards their destination.
No, the first HTTP/1.1

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