April Newsletter | Happy Birthday Botox | Refined Aesthetics Med Spa
Click to Book Introducing Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup™ From multitasking natural mineral makeup to healthy skin care formulas, they Read more
March Newsletter | Emsella Sandpoint, ID | Refined Aesthetics Med Spa
Did you know that 60% of women don't engage in the recommended amount of physical activity? It is reported that Read more
January Newsletter|Emsculpt Neo Treatment|Refined Aesthetics Med Spa
We are excited to offer the Refined Medical Gym Membership! Commit to yourself in 2022! After you complete a full Read more
by sandpointmedspa in Sandpoint, ID 83864, United States by sandpointmedspa in Sandpoint, ID 83864, United States
A GIFT FOR YOU If you have been to Refined Aesthetics and wish to leave us a Google review, we Read more
November Newsletter | National Botox Day Sandpoint | Refined Aesthetics
Something exciting is happening... We invite you to attend our Customer Appreciation/Botox Day on November 17th from 9-5 Join us Read more
October Newsletter | Skincare Products Sandpoint ID | Refined Aesthetics
Fall is a favorite here among the Refined Team. We get excited for all the great services that come with Read more

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“Microneedling with Radiofrequency: Your top questions, answered” – April 2021, pg. 58-59

“Sauna Therapy: It’s getting hot in here” – March 2021, pg. 58-59

“Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): We answer your most common questions” – February 2021, pg. 58-59

“Stem Cell Exosomes: The future of all-natural skin rejuvenation is here” – January 2021, pg. 58-59

“Massage: More than just a feel good treatment” – December 2020, pg. 58-59

“Retinoids: What is the difference, how to use them safely, and which one is right for my skin” – November 2020, pg. 56

“Dermaplaning: All your questions answered” – October 2020, pg. 56-57

“Hydrafacial®: An efficient, result-producing treatment for all skin types” – September 2020, pg. 56-57

“New Location. New Employees. New Services. Local med spa empowering clients” August 2020, pg. 30-31

“Discomfort in Aesthetics: Why you feel pain more intensely at times, and the ideal time to book your aesthetic treatments” – August 2020, pg. 56-57

“Common Beauty Myths: True or false? We solve your most common questions” – July 2020, pg. 56-57

“The Liquid Gold Facial: An all natural approach to aging gracefully” – June 2020, pg. 56-57

“Acids in Skin Care: Sound scary? The truth about acids and the health benefits to your skin” – May 2020, pg. 56-57

“Blue Light: What it is, its effects, and how to protect yourself and your skin” – April 2020, pg. 56-57

“Microblading: Your solution to beautiful brows” – March 2020, pg. 56-57

“Skin Care: Consistency is key” – February 2020, pg. 54-55

“Natural, Lifted, Extended: Lash enhancement options and choosing the best option for you” – January 2020, pg. 56-57

“Hyperpigmentation and Melasma: Definition, difference, and how to decrease the effects” – December 2019, pg. 58-59

“Considering Plastic Surgery? What you need to know “- November 2019, pg. 56-57

“Microneedling: What is it and how can it help my skin?” – October 2019, pg. 56-57

“It’s a Tricky Condition: Quick tips for combating acne” – September 2019, pg. 56-57

“Exfoliants: What, when and why you should use them” – August 2019, pg. 54-55

“What Are Dermal Fillers? Everything you need to know” July 2019, pg. 56-57

“Photo-Sensitivity: What it is and how you can protect your skin from it” – June 2019, pg. 56-57

“Facial Wrinkles: Three easy ways to reduce or prevent facial wrinkles” – May 2019, pg. 56-57

“The Life Cycle of a Facial: Breaking down the benefits and how long the results really last” – April 2019, pg. 56-57

“Chemical Peels: Your most common questions answered” – March 2019, pg. 56-57

“Bridal Skin Care: A skin-care guideline to get your face picture perfect for the big day” – February 2019, pg. 56-57

“Medical-Grade vs. Over-the-Counter Skin Care” – January 2019, pg. 56-57

“Know Before You Go: We answer your most asked questions about Botox”December 2018, pg. 56-57

“Cold Weather Skincare: Nurturing your skin during the chilly months”November 2018, pg. 56-57

“The Protein that Binds Us: The importance of collagen”– October 2018, pg. 56-57

“The Trouble with Fat: How to treat that tricky stubborn fat” – September 2018, pg. 56-57

“A Good Foundation: How to create a beautiful face canvas”– August 2018, pg. 56-57

“Facial Oils: The original skin care”– July 2018, pg. 56-57

“Beauty Sleep: Does getting enough sleep really make a difference?”– June 2018, pg. 56-57

“Summer Sunscreen: Your guide to safe sun”– May 2018, pg. 56-57

“Pretty Happy: Do what makes you happy” – April 2018, pg. 56-57

“Understanding Acne: Your guide to clear skin” – March 2018, pg. 56-57

“Summer Beauty: Your guide to look and feel your best by summer” – February 2018, pg. 56-57

Food for Thought: Age gracefully with a healthy lifestyle” January 2018, pg. 51

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